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People struggling with substance abuse have often asked the question: are there rehab centers near me? Fortunately for Florida residents, the answer to that query is a resounding yes.

Most people may not realize it, but the state of Florida is actually home to a large number of rehab and treatment centers that address the various forms of substance abuse and chemical dependency. These facilities make use of different approaches to help their patients. This article breaks down the difference between these facilities.

In-patient Treatment Facilities

Inpatient facilities are often considered to have the most consistently effective method of rehabilitation. It is not surprising then that these facilities are also the most popular.

The unprecedented success rate stems from the comprehensive treatment packages commonly used by these facilities. They often have no trouble addressing the patient’s withdrawal symptoms and other detox-related medical issues. It is also common for these facilities to have medical experts on-site to address the psychiatric issues of patients.

With these facilities, patients are given two programs to choose from: long-term rehab and a shorter 30-day program. Of course, this also depends on the length of the habit as well as the degree of addiction experienced by the patient. It should be noted, however, that the former has been proven to be the more effective of the two.

Out-patient Rehabilitation Services

Another type of rehabilitation program is called the Outpatient program. As one might guess, patients undergoing this treatment are free to continue their daily routine. The best thing about this is that you can freely go to work, school, and enjoy the company of your loved ones. However, this also means that it is much easier for patients to relapse and go back to their old toxic habits.

It should also be noted that patients undergo detoxing in a separate facility, before starting the program. Of course, this does not mean that patients are left to fend for themselves. Random drug testing and regular medical check-ups are also done in order to better monitor the patient’s progress and ensure the program’s effectiveness.

The greater sense of freedom is also the reason why this type of treatment is only recommended for patients who have already completed a stint in the inpatient program. This program is also recommended for those who suffering from short-term addictions, as this cases are much easier to treat.

The two types of treatment presented above are perhaps the most effective methods being used to address substance abuse today. Both the in-patient and out-patient methods show how a person can follow through on their decision to make themselves better.

So, if you ever once again find yourself asking whether there are rehab centers near me, just remember that the answer to that is yes. There are literally hundreds of rehab facilities in the state Florida. Just make sure you’re you do the proper research before making your choice. It is just a matter of finding the right facility, and the right treatment to suit your needs.

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